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DANA – strength in vulnerability.

‚My lyrics are so personal, sometimes showing them to the world scares me. But at the same time what always helps me going through a rough time is listening to other artist’s songs that speak to me.
I openly sing about my most painful experiences because I want you to feel understood, I want you to know you’re not alone. I’d love to think of my songs as your companions. Like a warm hug or a friend’s shoulder to rest your head on.‘

Genre: Indie-Pop / Singer-Songwriter / Soul 

23-year-old singer/songwriter DANA creates music that helps people understand what it means to be vulnerable. Her music speaks on the raw, emotional layers that make us human, and includes themes around abuse, self-doubt, grief, etc., whilst never lacking a sense of hope and empowerment.

Growing up in a family of musicians and with her brother being her first band member, DANA always knew that music would be a huge part of her existence. The release of her second EP saw her songs played on the radio and paved the way for her playing over 200 shows around Europe. In 2020, DANA began recording her first full-length album. The first track „Pretty Face“ is an homage to letting go of a lukewarm relationship with a ‘pretty-faced, part-time prick,’ while also emploring self-love and self-respect in listeners. The song sparked interest around the world and was picked up by Rolling Stone India, drawing in a wide audience around the world who are eagerly awaiting the release of the rest of the album.

Dana Burkhard – vocals, songwriting, booking
Timon Kellenberger – guitar, loop, songwriting
Kenny Niggli – keys
Joël Burkhard – bass
Daniel Eugster / Mattia Ferrari – drums




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